Your feet, often neglected yet tirelessly supporting you throughout the day, deserve proper care and attention. Among the various concerns that can arise, cracked heels can be both unsightly and uncomfortable. However, with a few simple adjustments to your routine, you can prevent and alleviate this common issue, ensuring your heels remain soft and smooth.

Causes of Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can be caused by a variety of factors, including dry skin, lack of moisture, prolonged standing, wearing improper footwear, and even certain medical conditions. Whatever the cause, the result is the same: uncomfortable and unsightly cracked heels that need some attention.

Tips for Prevention and Healing

Exfoliate Gently:

Regular exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and prevent the buildup of dry, rough patches on your heels. Use a foot scrub or pumice stone a few times a week to keep your feet smooth and soft.

Stay Hydrated:

Female drinking water from a bottle.

Believe it or not, dehydration can affect the condition of your skin, including your feet. Make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day to keep your body and skin hydrated from the inside out.

Wear Supportive Shoes:

Legs in black and white sneakers against white brick wall.

Those stylish stilettos might look amazing, but they can wreak havoc on your feet, leading to calluses and cracked heels. Opt for shoes with proper arch support and cushioning to prevent excessive pressure on your heels. If you must wear high heels, try to limit the time spent in them and give your feet a break whenever possible.

Coconut Oil Savior:

jar of coconut oil

Nature’s gift to dry skin, coconut oil works wonders on cracked heels. Its moisturising properties penetrate deep into the skin, helping to soften rough patches and promote healing. Before bed, massage a generous amount of coconut oil onto your heels and cover them with socks for an overnight treatment.

Soak and Soothe:

Treat your feet to a relaxing foot soak every now and then. Add some Epsom salt or essential oils to warm water and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes to soften the skin and relieve any discomfort.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise:

A hand holding Avala Labs heel & foot care balm jar

Invest in a good quality foot cream or balm, like our very own “Heel & Foot Care Balm,” which is formulated to deeply moisturise and nourish dry, cracked skin, thanks to its blend of nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, algae extract, banana peel extract, turmeric extract, beeswax and shea butter. Regularly apply it before bedtime and let it work its magic overnight.


By incorporating these practical tips into your daily routine, you can nurture your feet and prevent cracked heels from dampening your spirits. Remember, a little care and attention go a long way in maintaining the health and beauty of your heels. So, take those healthy steps today, and stride forward with confidence, knowing that your feet are well taken care of.