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Avala Labs™ mission is to develop science backed, innovative formulations using bioactive ingredients (naturally derived) for the correction, protection and prevention of dermatological (skin and hair) concerns.

Avala Labs™ evolved from Pranesh and Sandhya’s aspiration to manufacture cosmeceutical products that seamlessly sync the world of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals together.

When they first began working on this ambition, they sadly realised that many products, especially the ones claiming to be natural, were rarely scientifically tested for its intended performance. Most only passed the bare minimum regulatory tests. These regulatory tests are intended to validate the safety of the formulation for human use and NOT efficacy!

Pranesh with his never-settle-for-less attitude and Sandhya with her perpetual optimism diligently worked together to research and understand the efficacies of bioavailable compounds in algae. Trials, travails, innovation and research later, they developed bioactive compounds with high bioavailability from marine and freshwater algae. These compounds, a rich source of antioxidants and antiglycation compounds have the ability to fight various signs of skin ageing.  

Avala Labs™ currently manufactures two research-oriented products, Quad Action Skin Repair for Normal Skin and Quad Action Skin Repair for Dry Skin.

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