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Quad Action Skin Repair, For Normal Skin


Avala Labs™ Quad Action Skin Repair, For Normal Skin, is carefully formulated with algal and other pure natural extracts. This potent breakthrough formula can be used as a face oil and combats all signs of ageing, making it a potential answer to a younger and beautiful you!

This preparation best suits normal skin. This type of skin is the most balanced with relatively intact sebum levels and moisture. While the normal skin type is comparatively easier to maintain, a good care regime is vital for any skin type.

Size: 20 ml

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What are the Quad Actions?

  1. Reduces acne and pimples
  2. Reduces dark spots and pigmentation
  3. Deters fine lines and wrinkle formation
  4. Promotes collagen and elastin synthesis

To know more about the science behind our formulation, read our blog here.

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What makes our Product Unique?

In a world that pumps our skin with unwanted doses of sun damage, dark spots, fine lines and hyperpigmentation, Avala Labs™ Quad Action Skin Repair, For Normal Skin comes as a recharge to keep skin radiant and healthy, always! 

The Algal Extracts (specifically the secondary metabolites) used in this formula is a rich source of antioxidants and antiglycation compounds. These naturally occurring compounds in algae have shown the ability to fight UV and pollution induced skin ageing such as fine lines/wrinkles and depigmentation. For those seeking effective solutions, our product stands out as one of the remarkable anti-glycation skin products harnessing the power of algal extracts.

The Cinnamon Bark extract and the Coffee Bean extract aid in the synthesis of collagen by protecting skin matrix and facilitating skin conditioning. The result – a visibly younger looking skin

The Areca Nut extract improves skin elasticity by inhibiting the action of enzymes that deteriorate elastin, resulting in a firmer skin

Coconut oil, the carrier for all these bioactive ingredients aids in skin conditioning and hydration

How to Use

Apply few drops directly on to cleaned and dried skin. Massage gently in circular motions until the product is absorbed. Ensure that the dropper does not directly touch skin to avoid contamination. For best results, apply every night before bed.

Patch Test

While all the ingredients are natural and dermatologically tested to be safe, a patch test is always recommended before beginning any new skincare product. If your skin is allergic or irritated with the product, cease use immediately.

1 review for Quad Action Skin Repair, For Normal Skin

  1. Praveena P (verified owner)

    Smells so organic and not like the regular serums, it retains the moisture on the face completely.. Definitely a must go serum for harmless revitalising experience.

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