Ever wondered why our skin gradually deteriorates? Well, it is no rocket science.

There are essentially two types of ageing:

  • Chronological ageing due to passage of time
  • Photo-ageing due to chronic sun exposure

Your skin might manifest its age through various indications like wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dryness, pigmentation among others. We, at Avala Labs™, realized early in our research that understanding the root causes of the manifestation (‘symptoms’ for lack of a better word) is critical to develop the right solution.

After several studies and reviews, we surmised the following cause and effect matrix:



Oxidation of skin caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS)

Reduced production of collagen and elastin

Prolonged exposure to sun that aggravates ROS synthesis, consequentially oxidation

Reduced production of collagen and elastin

Glycation of skin caused by UV radiations exposure  

Increased production of enzymes that degrade skin proteins

Irregular melanogenesis caused by pollutants and UV rays

Increased production of melanin

Lipid deficiency caused by exposure to harmful chemicals

Increased skin dryness

This approach provided us with a clear mandate (end goal) for developing the formulation.

A walk down the beauty aisle in any store can no doubt get daunting. Mainly because of the diverse skin care products available, their claims followed by promises of removing dark spots, improving texture, and reducing signs of ageing. Oftentimes these products are just temporary masks that are sometimes loaded with harmful chemicals. Regrettably, the intent to attach the ‘natural’ tag is to fool you into thinking that the product is safe for you and the environment. Yes, a 100% natural product may be safe: as safe as water! What you need to look for is performance (efficacy). Is the product claiming to be all natural, really tested for its efficacy?

We, at Avala Labs™, confidently claim that our products not only pass the regulatory tests but are presented to you only after meticulous testing and trials for its intended performance. An added plus is that our ingredients are all natural, sourced ethically and responsibly. In order to keep our planet healthy, we go that extra mile to preserve our claim that our products are not tested on animals. Since we are confident that our ingredients get the job done, we felt it would only be right to not add any artificial fragrances or preservatives. We wanted to keep it close as possible to nature.

To know how we accomplish to give you dermatologically tested skin rejuvenation from deep within, read on!


What are the Main Components of Our Ingredients?


While we all, at some point must have read that certain algae are rich in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-glycation compounds, we may not be aware that harnessing these compounds and maintaining their efficacy intact is a different ball game altogether.

Avala Labs™, has developed a unique, soon to be patented, method of extracting natural compounds from various algal strains. The extracted compounds are specifically secondary metabolites.


What are Secondary Metabolites

In plain research terms, Secondary Metabolites, also called specialized metabolites are those bioactive compounds that are not necessary for the growth and reproduction of the organism but give the organism selective advantage to survive. Research further shows that the bioavailability of these compounds possesses antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammation, and other useful anti-proliferative properties.


How Does Avala Labs™ Do It?

After years of research, trials and errors, Avala Labs™ has developed a calibrated formulation of specific bioactive compounds that are known to have anti-proliferative and restorative properties for human skin.

As human skin ages, it is known to produce enzymes such as matrix metalloproteinases, collagenase, elastase and tyrosinase. These enzymes are collectively capable of degrading cellular proteins, collagen and elastin. Collagen is known to provide your skin with structure and support. Elastin ensures a firm, taut skin.

Avala Lab’s formula can inhibit these enzymes, scavenging reactive oxygen and free radicals along with barring advanced glycation (loss of protein and tissue elasticity) end products caused by sugars.

In a nutshell, our formula backed with research and due diligence is a holistic approach to skin protection and rejuvenation.


Benefits from Our Three Algal Extracts

Algal Carotenoids – These compounds counterbalance oxidative stress to shield your skin against effects of pollution and the harsh UV rays of the sun. Studies have shown that algal carotenoids are known to contain reparative qualities that is capable of fighting signs of ageing. They help your skin endure even the harshest of conditions. A natural source of vitamin B12, they have potent antioxidant benefits that help in firming the skin, fight free radicals, reduce wrinkles to reveal and revitalize a more youthful appearance.


What are the Other Ingredients in Our Skin Care Products?

Because you will settle for nothing less than the safest and the healthiest ingredients on your face, we have included the following:


  • Areca Nut Extracts increase the synthesis of collagen, accelerate cell regeneration along with providing visible difference in skin elasticity and hydration
  • Coffee Bean Extracts stave off fine lines, facilitating skin conditioning. Studies show that coffee bean extracts can pack a powerful antioxidant punch!
  • Cinnamon Powder Extracts, with their antiseptic properties help in enhancing complexion by treating hyperpigmentation
  • The vitamins, potassium and folate present in our carrier coconut oil acts as a suit of armour that blocks dryness

Avala Labs™ currently manufactures two research-oriented products, Quad Action Skin Repair for Normal Skin and Quad Action Skin Repair for Dry Skin.